Frustrated To Fierce

Taking women from Frustrated to Fierce through enjoyable eats and strength training!

Learn how to write & tweak YOUR own diet plan

Under the guidance of your coach Ellie, you’ll learn how to write your OWN diet plan to hit your macros. Overtime you’ll learn how to balance meals out, events, your favourite foods…. meaning NO DEPRIVATION and OFF THE YO-YO TRAIN. No short term yo-yo fixes, but long sustaible lifestyle changes towards the body you want

Start UNDERSTANDING food for sustainable results

There are no good or bad foods. Just a surpuls and deficit. The trick is to understand food, energy content and balance. With these lessons under your belt you’ll know how to go out for a meal and know its not hindering results. This means SUSTAINABILITY!

A fitness plan that suits YOUR lifestyle

Work SMARTER not HARDER! Through personalised lifestyle programming, learn how to maximise your time in the gym and develop a routine that works to ENHANCE your lifestyle, not be controlled by it.


Hey gal!

I’m Ellie Finlay, womens body and macro coach.

For over 9 years I have been coaching women on how to achieve results that stick through flexible dieting and smart resistance training. Too often women are resorting to extremes like rigid diet plans and hardcore training programs. This “extreme or nothing” mindset means you’ll always be stuck on the “yo-yo”, unable to make your results last!

I’ll teach you HOW to eat, instead of what to eat. I’ll teach you how training will enhance your life, not rule it. Creating results that stick through long term lifestyle changes!

I too experienced difficulties learning how to live a balanced lifestyle after going on and off written diet plans through fitness competitions. Learning how to track macros and flexible dieting showed me that I can still reach my fitness goals without having to cancel meals out or restrict my lifestyle!

Are you ready to break the cycle and become your best self?

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Frustrated to Fierce!

Feeling stuck, confused, on the yo-yo train? Girl, I got you – book in a call and lets taco’ bout it!