“If only I had more willpower”  Have you told yourself this?  You know the drill.  You’re “good” for a few days. Maybe you cut out all the carbs or attempt some short term rigid diet plan (ya all know how I feel about these)  However, at the first sniff of cake, toast, chocolate…. WHATEVER! ya […]

Even before all this lockdown situation happened, “motivation” was/is a word thrown around a lot in the fitness world. Now that gyms are shut and you are spending more time at home, how can you keep “motivated” to keep up your training regime? This is something I get asked a lot, so I’m here to […]

There’s been a lot of change in a short amount of time. Many of you gals are missing aspects of your life that have been taken away…. Such as gym, gatherings, or big family dinners.  I hear you, it can be frustrating and stressful if that’s where your head is at (and let’s be honest, it’s […]

Budget saving, macro friendly foods that’ll help you gals get the best bang for your buck through lockdown — and beyond! Yes it can be done! There is a way to save time, coin, and your health when plucking up the courage to head to the supermarket. Please make sure you wash your hands STRAIGHT […]

Do you remember the first time it happened?   Don’t deny it – think back. Was it year 5 PE where little Stacey ran faster then you? Or year 4, where little Jennifer kept winning red rover all over. Maybe even year 3 …. Little Bec did way better horse drawings than you did, so […]

1. BUILD LEAN MASS AND ‘TONE’ Working in the fitness industry – I think I hear the three words “I want tone” nearly every day. Well, you aint guna get that walking/ running on the treadmill willy nilly or even worse – sitting on ya butt.   On the opposite spectrum, many gals fearful that […]

You know the drill – you’ve had a big weekend of eating and drinking. You’ll start monday, you’ll cut out all your favourite “bad” foods and you’ll whip your butt into gear.   Monday comes and you are feeling motivated, determined, you stick to the written diet plan to a tee and didn’t feel too […]