Budget saving, macro friendly foods that’ll help you gals get the best bang for your buck through lockdown — and beyond! Yes it can be done! There is a way to save time, coin, and your health when plucking up the courage to head to the supermarket. Please make sure you wash your hands STRAIGHT after a shopping trip – we need to be so careful through times like this. 


Let’s start preparing for the shops — All it takes is a little bit of pre planning and being smarter with your meals! 

A few things I want you gals to tick off your “to do” list BEFORE your shopping trip! 

  1. Dig through your freezer & fridge – have you forgotten about any frozen veg up the back? Are you buying more things you don’t need? Have a big clean out! 
  2. Plan your meals – so you know EXACTLY what you and your family are going to eat. This means no wastage – a big money saver.
  3. Write a shopping list – how often do you gals get distracted and chuck a few things extra in your trolley? Write down the necessities and stick to your shopping list! I just use the “notes” section on my phone. 

Once you’ve done these three things, you are ready to hit the shops! 


A common myth is that “eating healthy” is more expensive – it definitely DOES NOT need to be! Through my research and shopping findings, foods that are less processed are actually served in bigger quantities, with more servings per packet! Foods such as wholegrains, beans, and lentils give you more bang for your buck! 

A great example is this comparison between oats and cereal:

Example :Lowans 1kg rolled oats = $4
Carmens muesli 500g = $6

Heaps more value from the rolled oats right?! Not only that, oats will keep you fuller for longer, are more macro friendly, have a long shelf life and are versatile!  
It’s a similar story with rice! And  it DON’T stop there! You get MORE food from a block of cheese compared to shredded, more bang for buck with a can of beans compared to refried, the money saving swaps are everywhere when going with the “unprocessed” option – so make sure you look around yourself!  You will be shocked! So, start stocking up on wholegrains and unprocessed foods – these provide bigger quantities and more servings per packet – not to mention keep you more full, are more nutritionally dense, and MUCH lower in calories! 

Key Takeaway: Turn to wholegrains and more unprocessed foods, which keep you fuller for longer, have more quantities per serving, and are cheaper!


Right, it’s time to head over to the frozen veg section! And look, I’ve been preaching how much I love frozen veg since day dot, even before all this COVID-19 stuff happened. No matter what, I always keep a big bag in my freezer. 

The great thing about frozen veg & fruit are: 

  • They are frozen at peak ripeness – so have many nutritional benefits
  • You can use them when you want to – meaning ZERO waste 
  • Long shelf life! 
  • They are sold in BIG quantities at good prices because they are available all year round
  • Versatile – you can use on your oats, a smoothie, in a stirfry! 
  • Keeping in your freezer means you will ALWAYS have fruit and veg backup! 

And look, I’m not saying don’t buy fresh produce – just be smart about it. Just ask yourself – are you going to use all of this? Will it give you meals all week? Could you use it in something else? How long will it last in the fridge? Remember, minimise wasting food and extra trips to the supermarket – especially through times like this! 

I compared fresh strawberries to frozen and there was a clear winner: 

Example:Frozen woolworths strawberries – 500g – $4
Fresh strawberries – 250g – $3.90 (and they were on special!)

Literally getting double for the same price by purchasing frozen strawberries instead of fresh. Also minimising waste and supermarket trips — winning! 

Key Takeaway: Always compare prices between fresh and frozen, and keep in mind what you are using it for to make the smartest decision possible and minimise waste. 


Meat is a  bit more difficult to come by at the moment, and if you are missing out on the discounted cuts, you’ll be left with the most expensive ones. An option is timing your shop so it’s done on a Sunday when meat is typically discounted. As a turkey breast fan, I find I can usually get some discounted cuts at the end of the week. 

Whether or not this is an option for you – eggs are a great alternative and should be chucked in the trolley whether you missed out on the meat or not! Packed full of protein, versatile (you can use them in SO many other meals), a long shelf life means little to NO waste! Saving you lots of trips to the supermarket! 

Have you compared egg brand prices before? Don’t worry, I have! 

Did you know that supermarket brands are 40% cheaper than other brands? Don’t dismiss them! This one swap can save you some hard earned coin! 

Example:large free range eggs woolworths brand 12 pack – $4.10
Large free range from other brands – between $5.90 – $6.90

Saving moola just with a brand swap! It can be that simple! 

Key Takeaway: To minimise shopping trips and still keep meals protein packed, get some eggs in your fridge! Versatile, long shelf life, and packed full of good nutrients 


Have you ever thought about growing your own produce? Now may be the perfect time to start! Seeds are super cheap, you’ll always have a constant supply, and you’ll know they will be super fresh! Start small with just a few herbs in your garden! A great way to save money and spend your time in lockdown! 

Key Takeaway: Think about buying some seeds, start small and just plant a few herbs so you have a constant fresh supply 

There you have it! From just a bit of pre planning your next shop will be filled with macro friendly, tummy filling products! Minimising waste, all the while improving your health and saving you coin!

Keen for more food info? – make sure you check out my other blog “ 7 reasons you can’t stick to your written diet plan”.

Or any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email – ellie@elliefinlay.com

Stay safe Queens 

Ellie x