“If only I had more willpower” 

Have you told yourself this? 

You know the drill. 

You’re “good” for a few days. Maybe you cut out all the carbs or attempt some short term rigid diet plan (ya all know how I feel about these) 

However, at the first sniff of cake, toast, chocolate…. WHATEVER! ya crumble, like apple crumble. 

If you have seen results in the past, you may be asking yourself:

  • “Why can’t I just ‘stick to it,’ like last time?”
  • “I need to be more ‘strict’ with myself” 

Or even

  • “ I just love food too much”

Ring any bells? 

But that’s just it gal. 

Being a foodie doesn’t mean you need more “willpower” (it also means we will get along just great!) aannnd you being more “strict” with yourself is the exact thing keeping you stuck! 

I have been there…. 

Ya see I was here. After years of sticking to a written diet plan throughout my competing days I literally reached a point where I could no longer take it. 

I tried to “push through it”…. Tried to push myself toward another competition to keep me “motivated” and “on track.” (if you are constantly turning to your “next 8/10/12 week challenge, ya know what I mean!)

However, I reached a point where I just kept breaking!

Years of isolating myself from events, family meals, and deprivation meant I had reached a mental block – I’d reached my tipping point. I just couldn’t do this anymore…. It all felt like a grind.  The weeks got so hard, I was just hanging for my “cheat day” (which is, let’s be clear,  just an excuse to binge) — I started to blow out, my food relationship took a downward spiral, and I started to question my willpower, and work ethic. 

I was lost. 

It was a tough place to be – spesh as a gal who prides herself on hard work and routine. 

However, through our breaks become new paths. With lows come highs, I eventually found my path.  

The Mindset Shift… 

Through my breakdown is where  I learnt flexible dieting.

I didn’t just “learn it” — it wasn’t that simple. 

I felt overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, I cried more than once. I rang my coach at the time and told her I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to do it.  It was tough having a treat everyday in the beginning, and at the start, I still had my blow out days….. 

It took time. (This is why I created my online course “7 STEPS TO FIERCE FLEXIBLE DIETER” — you can look into it by CLICKING HERE)

So sista, let me ask you something. 

Are you turning to EXTREMES, things like written plans, shake diets and fads? — these take a lot of WILLPOWER and energy. Do you want to be relying on willpower to achieve sticky results?! 


“Willpower” and “Motivation” are like sisters.  Ya can’t rely on those bitches.

Me… very much so enjoying my slice of pizza, haha!

What is your approach? 

This is why quick fixes are SHORT TERM. Not only that, when things in life come up like weddings, holidays, a fricken pandemic… you won’t know how to handle them, and most likely blow out! Hence why the yo-yo cycle is one big angry circle. 

Blow out, feel crap, short term fad, blow out. It goes on…. 

This is why you can’t rely on willpower, it only gets you so far. 

One of my regular treats is a choccie paddle pop; who doesn’t love some choccie ice cream! 

I enjoy all my meals actually… smashed avocado, protein pancakes, lean turkey burgers….

Not only that, I can change my treat, and any meals depending on my routine and what I’m craving.

So it ain’t hard to stick to. 

However, cut out all the things and deprive yourself, you may find saying no to chocolate ice cream pretty damn hard. 

Coz willpower only lasts so long!

Flexible dieting is learning balance at it’s finest. If you’re not sure where to start, download my FREE guide “Burgers Brunches & a Badass Body” and kickstart your journey.  Just CLICK HERE

So have a treat everyday sista. Start learning balance.  You CAN include foods you love and still achieve results. Slowing down to speed up! LEARNIN! It’s the way forward to sticky change, and feeling good….. LONG TERM!  When you reach this level you never need extremes, “willpower”, and bloody written diet plans  every again! 

Willpower and discipline are different… 

Flexible dieting builds on discipline. We know that you can still enjoy the things you love and achieve results. It’s really “everything in moderation” to an advanced level! 

For example, as the days get colder maybe you are craving more red wine. You tell yourself you will have one glass 2 – 3 nights a week and you stick to that. 

Now if you are coming from a history of lots of restrictive dieting it may be hard in the beginning – I felt this too. 

This is because you are still seeing foods as “good” and “bad”. Over time you’ll actually start getting a bit “meh” about the whole thing (like I am with chocolate icecream) — and if you’re enjoying your regular meals, and hitting your macros in a smart way… this will become easier. Furthermore, you’ll be able to stick… no reliance on “willpower” needed. 

Get your protein up! 

Something important I want to point out.

Wondering why you are always hungry or craving? Your protein levels are most likely lower than you think! So many gals reach for carbs and wonder why they aren’t satisfied!

Protein is really important. It keeps us full, maintains muscle mass, prevents cravings… just to name a few! Rule of thumb, even if you gals aren’t hitting macros right now, you need protein with every meal! 

So, I love my smashed avo right. With my 2 eggs I ALWAYS add 150g of egg whites to bulk up my meal and increase protein levels. Anytime my protein is lower than it should be, I’m one snacky gal. 

Ya see, written plans don’t teach you this. Challenges, fads, shake diets don’t teach you this. Which is why flexible dieting IS the way for long term change and results! 

You can’t rely on willpower….

So gal, you don’t need more “willpower”. It’s not you at all. It’s the fact you have been turning to all this short term shit that has been thrown at you your entire life.  

Extremes are short term! There is only so long your “willpower” will last before you burn out. This is why you can’t rely on it!  This is why gals commonly lose weight then gain it all back! 

So, I challenge you to get clued up to make this a lifestyle. To enjoy food everyday and not let it consume your life anymore. Not only that, you’ll see results that STICK no matter what life throws at you!

You got this gal.

Any questions you can contact me directly here: 

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