Fat Loss During Lockdown – It’s not all Doom & Gloom

There’s been a lot of change in a short amount of time. 
Many of you gals are missing aspects of your life that have been taken away…. Such as gym, gatherings, or big family dinners.  I hear you, it can be frustrating and stressful if that’s where your head is at (and let’s be honest, it’s ALL that’s on the news right now…
So,  it’s time to flip perspective. Let’s shift focus to what we can build and improve upon right now given our current lockdown situation! Get these habits going NOW and you’ll not only get results, but make change that STICKS! 


Spending more time at home means a great opportunity to improve your sleep routine. Lack of sleep means increased cravings, mindless snacking, less energy to train, brain fog, & consequently you may be feeling more stressed and not making the best decisions! 
Use this time to get in a good sleep routine that works for you! 
For example, I like using my carbs at dinner time because I sleep better on a full tummy! 

Your morning routine may have slowed down – maybe you don’t need to rush the kids off to school, or get up at 4:30 am to go to the gym. It’s the perfect opportunity to find a night and morning routine that benefits you and your family!

Notice how you feel with these changes. Do you have a tonne more energy in the mornings? Did putting your phone away 30 minutes before bed time do wonders for your Z’s?  There is no better feeling than waking up feeling refreshed, and clear headed, so what are you going to do to improve your sleep? 


Who you surround yourself with plays a BIG role on your actions, your results and how you feel about yourself.  And look, I know we are in lockdown right now…. So IN PERSON social interaction is minimal. However, now more than ever people are turning to the internet and technology (who else’s screen time has gone up 😂🙋🏻‍♀️) to get their social fix. 
Now is the PERFECT time to practice saying “No.” As women, we can be people pleasers. Saying yes to things that make us feel like shit or drain us of energy! So, be brave and tell whoever it is making you feel unworthy that enough is enough. Use this time to find an online community that serves you, encourages you, and pushes you to be your best self.

Have you thought about hiring a coach? There is nothing more powerful than having someone in your corner pointing out your blind spots and guiding you through it all. If you have struggled with some of the above and are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to send me a message and find out more about coaching and  joining THE QUEEN TEAM community… JUST CLICK HERE


Extra time at home means extra time for you to get your head around food and find out what works for you. Let me highlight, there ain’t no perfect. The reason I love flexible dieting is, you learn WHAT to eat, instead of being told HOW to eat as per a rigid written plan. 

So no matter what is left in the supermarket, you can make it work without hindering your results. Meaning you will not only improve your relationship with food, but generally stress less about it all and not let it consume your life anymore.

I’m not saying you need to be a flexible dieting whiz. No matter where you are on your food journey you can use this time to your benefit. Maybe you could start tracking some food days in My Fitness Pal? Or just start adding protein with EVERY meal… or even experiment with high protein breakfast ideas? 

Whatever you chose – ask yourself. How can you use this time to improve your nutritional habits? 


It’s a similar story with training and movement. You can learn a crap tonne about how to train efficiently with minimal space and equipment if that is your current environment. Furthermore, these will be skills you can take away with you on holiday or if you just don’t have a gym membership! These are lessons that are life long! 

It’s also a great time to ask yourself how your current exercise regime was prior to all of this happening. Did you use your gym membership? If so why not? Have you been able to stick to your routine? And if not, do you understand how to be consistent? Results come from little actions over time, with a sustainable routine that fits into your lifestyle. This is why having a smart program and a good coach in your corner is so valuable. 


A lot of us gals can use “staying busy” as an effort to distract ourselves from our thoughts or not so good habits, such as buffering with food. 

As uncertain as this time may be, it’s even more important that us women slow down! 
Slow down and notice how you are talking to yourself, and what triggers certain actions. This is the power of acts such as meditation, journaling, and just general self talk and reflection. 

You’d be shocked as to how mean we can be to ourselves. We really need to be our own biggest cheerleader through our life and this can be hard to learn. For example: Have a blow out? Don’t beat yourself up over it, but start understanding why it happened. Did someone trigger you? Did you let your thoughts turn to every worse case situation and get caught up on a story? Did you go ALL day without eating and then just raid the fridge? 

Slow down, start to know how you respond to certain situations, your thoughts around these…. And start slowly weeding them out. There is no better time than now. 

All these aspects and habits in your day to day life add up to equal your overall health, wellbeing and how you feel about yourself. Improved sleep, a supportive community, nutrition and training, and self reflection are small choices that equal BIG results long term. So, focus on what you can improve on right now! Implementing, improving and building upon these l habits means you’ll be not only getting results, but making a LONG TERM lifestyle change even beyond lockdown!